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Live Strings/ 
Recording Sessions

Celestial strings regularly work with artists on live gigs, providing that luscious string sound that elevates any tune. We offer both our String Quartet and String Trio for live performances and can guarantee we can showcase your sound world through strings no matter what your style is. We also record for various different artists and relish the opportunity working with such diverse artists and being part of so many incredible albums. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can work together.

"The Garden of Eden" - 3:RMA
The Garden of Edna - 3:rma
Frida Touray "Mending" - Japanese Release
Frida Touray - Mending 
(Japanese CD Release)
Starry Night - Website Background V1.jpg
Starry Night - Website Background V1.jpg


Frenchie, Singer-Songwriter

"Celestial Strings are not only tremendously gifted, but they also possess a seamless teamwork dynamic and display genuine kindness... Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Celestial Strings for both live performances and recording projects, as they possess the ability to transform any endeavor into something truly extraordinary."
Starry Night - Website Background V1.jpg
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